My Used Panties Need a Good Home

Gentlemen I would love for you to have a pair of my sweet smelling used panties!


I'm a very attractive girl from Minneapolis, and I truly enjoy the thought of someone having my used panties.


I don't have an inventory of my panties, each one is made "fresh" when you order them. If you order a pair of my panties before midnight, I will wear them the next day for 24 hours, including my workout. I work out 6 days a week at LifeTime Fitness. Just think, if you belong to LifeTime, I might be next to you and you'll never even know it. Check out my selection of undies ready to made just for you!


I usually ride the stationary bike, or do Hot Yoga, and trust me, my lingerie is soaked when I'm through. I'll wear your panties for the rest of the day and sleep in them that night. When I wake up I'll take them off (you can watch on video if you choose) then put them in a plastic bag to keep the moisture and delicious aroma fresh. I then put them in a mailing envelope and send them to you.

Customize Your Experience

You'll love this! If you'd like to actually see me fine ass while taking care of business, I will take a 60 second video of me modeling and then removing my used panties, just for you. I will shoot the video after 24 hours of wear, and you can watch me take them off. I'll time stamp the video so you know it's the real deal. Now THAT is a turn on. I'll put the video on a flash drive and include it with my panties. There is an additional charge for this of course, but trust me when I tell you I have a beautiful ass, and it looks good on video! You’re under no obligation to get the video. I promise you will have a good time with just the panties!