Return and Exchange Policy


Although this may seem obvious, I must state the following:


All clothing on this site is pre-owned and sold "as is" which simply means they are not refundable.


All videos and photos are made to the buyers specifications and therefore are sold "as is" which means they are not refundable.


If you make a purchase, and your item(s) does not arrive, you may request an even exchange or refund, whichever you choose.


If you purchase a video and or photos on a USB drive and it doesn't work, you can return the USB and a replacement will be sent to you.  If you download a video and or photos and the content is either corrupt, doesn't download correctly, or for any reason is unviewable, you will be able to download the order again.


So, again, to make this perfectly clear: ALL ITEM FOR SALE ON THIS SITE ARE SOLD "AS IS" AND NOT REFUNDABLE!